AYFL Meeting Minutes



Meeting Started: 8:30pm

Leagues Present: Coconut Creek, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Davie, Delray, Lauderdale Lakes, Miramar, Plantation, PPO, Sunrise, Tamarac, West Pines, Weston

Presidents Report:

       Must have proper number of reps on sidelines

       No kids on chain crews

       Fines must be paid on time


Treasurers Report:

       Balance $16,743.21

o   Film - $1718


o   Cathy - $5

o   PPO - $5

       Film Money Final Installment - $595

o   Plantation

       Jacket Money

o   Coral Springs - $36.50

o   PPO - $224.00

       Rep Shirts

o   Delray - $125.96

       Playoff Referee money due before week 10 - $700

o   Coconut Creek

o   Lauderdale Lakes

o   Miramar

o   Plantation

o   PPO

o   Tamarac

o   Weston

o   West Pines

Secretary Report:

       Motion by Plantation and seconded by Sunrise to accept the minutes from the previous week. Motion passed 11 to 0.

Referee Report:


       Lauderdale Lakes suspended coach Shayne Edwards indefinitely

Old Business:

New Business:

       Motion by Sunrise and seconded by PPO to allow Michael Brown to be added to Tamarac 12U roster. Player was injured at start of season. Motion passed 11 to 0.

       Championship Rings

o   Pre order by size

o   Ceremony 2 weeks after Super Bowl

       MM Jamboree Moved to 11/6 due to Hurricane Matthew

o   11/6 @ Tamarac

  Backup is Plantation


o   Sunday 10/30

  Plantation checking on field

       Playoff Venues

o   First Round Moved to 11/5 due to Hurricane Mattew

  1 vs 8 Delray

  2 vs 7 Plantation (Coral Springs out)

  3 vs 6 PPO (Lauderdale Lakes out)

  4 vs 5 Tamarac

  Backup is West Pines


o   Second Round

  High Seed Plantation

  Low Seed PPO

o   Superbowl


Cleanup by Davie

Meeting ended at 9:05pm