AYFL Meeting Minutes



Meeting Started: 8:30pm

Leagues Present: Coconut Creek, Colts, Coral Springs, Deerfield, Delray, Hollywood, Miramar, Plantation, PPO, Sunrise, Tamarac, West Pines

Presidents Report:

       Numbers under 20 (see below)


Treasurers Report:


Secretary Report:

       Motion by Tamarac and seconded by Plantation to accept the minutes from the previous week. Motion passed 10 to 0.

Heads Up Football:

Park Weight Class Committee:

Events Committee:

Background Committee

Special Committee:

Referee Report:

       Numerous penalties for not having chain crews.

       Lightning delays

       Numerous starting delays because of late arrivals and weigh in issues.

Film Review:

       Sunrise submitted a claim and tendered a $500 payment. See below.


       Deerfield vs Coral Springs 13U Incident. See below.

       Deerfield 11U player Trevon Parker and Head Coach James Thompson. See below.

       Marcos Noriega. See below.


o   7U

  Colts coach McKinley Leonard ejected for 2 USL penalties. The first in the 1st qtr for excessive arguing and the second for confronting officials in the handshake line.


o   9U

  Miramar player #0, Ulysses Johnson, and Colt player #77, Mekhi Kendrick, ejected for fighting.

o   10U

  West Pines player #57, Ben Mercado, was ejected for fighting.

o   11U

  Deerfield player #54 (rostered as #42), Trevon Parker, issued a personal foul after the culmination of several displays of unsportsmanlike conduct. Deerfield coach removed #54 from the field after discussion with referee. The crew was then informed that #54 had been ejected the previous week and should not have been playing. Given to RCC.

o   12U

  Tamarac player #22, Eric Hunter, flagged for USL and ejected for throwing a punch.

  Miramar player #52, Deandre Daniels, and Colt player #53, Justin Tedim, ejected for fighting

o   13U

  Miramar player #5, Jacob Love, and Colt player #77, Zaire Johnson, ejected for fighting.

  West Pines #15, Gabriel Herrera, ejected for 2 USC penalties. First for taunting in 3rd qtr and second for fighting in 4th qtr.

Old Business:

New Business:

       Coral Springs taking supplies to Texas.

o   Motion by Tamarac and seconded by Plantation to donate $2000 to help with expenses for trip. Motion passed 10 to 0.

       Motion by Coral Springs and seconded by Hollywood to move 2 9U players, Jayden Chico and Luke Mowery, to the 10U team. Motion passed 10 to 0.

Cleanup by Deerfield

Meeting ended at 10:05pm



























































































































Sunrise submitted a claim to the Film

Review Committee and tendered a

$500.00 payment for said review of the Sunrise v. WPPO IOU game of an incident involving #22, Connor Olivares from WPPO. The Film Committee consisted of myself, Mario Perez, Rick Rue, Rocky and Robert. The committee reviewed the film and even though the referee's did not eject #22, he is clearly seen jumping late into a pile and throwing a minimum of 2 punches at a Sunrise player in the pile. It is the unanimous decision of the Film Committee that #22 be suspended for one game (WPPO's next game). The player must be brought to the Room and cleared by a RCC and/or Exec Board member before he will be cleared to play.




Incident: At the end of the 3rd quarter, following a play that occurred near the Coral Springs side of the field, Deerfield #1 and Springs #22 were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for fighting towards the Deerfield side of the field. At said time, several players and parents came onto the field. Though the film did not show the start of the fight, the film clearly shows both Springs and Deerfield reps responding quickly and ensuring that a brawl did not occur. Based on the location of the play and the film of the fight, the RCC had a difficult time determining which players left their bench and what parents, if any, should have been on the field. The RCC did receive reports that at least 2 Deerfield individuals did jump the fence and come on the field.


1.    Coral Springs Announcer: The RCC commends the Coral Springs announcer for doing a fantastic job he is clearly heard telling all players to stay on their benches and for parents to leave the field.

2.    Reps: Reps from both sides did an excellent job controlling the fight and maintaining calmness so that a brawl did not occur.

Recommendations each is a separate recommendation:

1.    Deerfield Player #1: Suspended for 1 game for fighting.

2.    Coral Springs Player #22 Raoul Pierre:

Suspended for 1 game for fighting.

1.    Coral Springs Player #1 Jordan Julmis . Suspended for 1 game for leaving the bench and coming onto the field to the fight. The RCC could clearly see he left the bench as he had no helmet on.

2.    Deerfield 13U Head Coach Rod Payne: Suspended for 1 game as to coaching responsibilities only, effective immediately. Rod may still perform all of his functions as a league rep. It is the RCC's belief and reason for his suspension as head coach was the amount of people on the field without badges.





History: Deerfield 11U player, Trevon Parker, was originally rostered as #42. Following halftime during Week 2 game against Plantation, the team changed Trevon Parker's jersey from #42 to #54, and moved rostered player, Derron Lerridor, from #54 to #42. At no time did Deerfield coaching staff report these changes to PAL 1 IU coaches. During the 2 nd half of the Deerfield vs. PAL game, #54 was ejected for the following: #54 Deerfield Beach also approached the officials arguing about the call. After being warned he continued to argue and was ejected for flagrant UC. After the game # 54 turned to the officials and made an obscene middle finger gesture. At the League meeting on 8/23, Deerfield was not able to accurately report who player #54 was and went off the roster, and eventually reported Derron Lerridor as the ejected player. Notwithstanding that Deerfield reps were not aware of the player switch, the Deerfield 11U coach knew that the ejected player was Trevon Parker.

Week 3: For Deerfield's 1 lu game against Coral Springs, Trevon Parker crossed the scale and his player card was marked #42/#54. The former #54, Derron Lerridor, also crossed the scale as #54/#42. Based on information provided to the RCC from both Springs and Deerfield, Trevon Parker, the ejected player from Week 2, did play during the Week 3 game as #54. The following is from the official's report: During the 2nd Half of the game, Deerfield #54 was flagged for a dead ball personal foul. This was the culmination of several displays of unsporting conduct by #54. In an effort to prevent an ejection...an official sent #54 to his sideline and discussed situation with the head coach. Coach agreed to remove #54 and not play him the remainder of the game. Coral Springs head coach informed the crew at that time that Deerfield #54 had been ejected and should not have been playing.

Following Week 3 Game: Following the conclusion of the game, Rod and his 11U head coach, James Thompson, met with AJ. At said time, the coach admitted he played Trevon Parker, the ejected player from Week 2, even though he knew the player was suspended. AJ then informed me of the incident, as did Rod. Rocky spoke with Coach

Thompson on Monday and the coach admitted he played Trevon Parker even though he knew he was suspended. Coach further told Rocky that he was going to suspend himself for 1 game. It is our belief that Deerfield coach benched Derron Lerridor, who was an innocent player, in favor of playing Trevon Parker.


Bylaw infractions as to the coach (James Thompson):

1.    V.Il.4 Playing ineligible player for any reason other than AYFL clerical Level Ill offense

2.    V.Il.2 Ineligible player dressed inside the ropes (player) - Level I offense

3.    111.1.4 Acting in any manner deemed by AYFL board to be grossly disrespectful to a team or another person Level Ill offense

4.    111.1.4 Major Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Any violation resulting in ejection) - Level Ill offense

5.    IV.lll.4 Responsibility of Head Coach for actions of players, parents and fans - Level I offense

Bylaw infractions as to the player (Trevon Parker):

1.    ARTICLE V: PENALTIES - v.l, a) (ii) Player Suspension: A player who is suspended shall be permitted to practice with his team during the period of suspension, but shall not be permitted to dress for or play in any games occurring during the period of suspension.

2.    V.Il.2 Ineligible player dressed inside the ropes (player) Level I offense


1.    Coach James Thompson be expelled effective Tuesday, August 29th . Coach Thompson shall not be eligible to apply for reinstatement prior to August 29, 2018.

a.    Motion by Deerfield and seconded by Coconut Creek to overturn expulsion of coach John Thompson. Motion failed 10 to 0.

2.    Trevon Parker be suspended for 3 games effective immediately. Based on Deerfield's schedule, those games include Week 4 against CCD; Week 5 against Hollywood and Week 7 against Coconut Creek. The Player shall report to the weigh in, with no equipment, and report to the opposing league rep that he is present. Player shall not be permitted on Deerfield sideline during 1 IU game. If player does not report to opposing team league rep, then the player will be considered a No Show and his suspension shall continue for an additional game for each game he is reported as a No Show. The opposing League Rep will report to Rick, Exec Secretary, that player checked in, so suspension may be monitored.



Marcos Noriega, a Coral Springs player, whose date of birth is March 24, 2005, was mistakenly rostered for Coral Springs 11U team, though he is league age 12. Marcos' card was actually approved by an Exec Bd member at Mass Registration and the age was not caught at that time. Marcus did cross the scale during week 1, a win against Hollywood, and during week 2, a loss against Tamarac. Marcus did not play in week 3.

The clerical mistake was self-reported by AJ to the RCC. The RCC finds that there was no intent to mislead or to gain an unfair advantage and that no individual in Coral Springs had any knowledge of this clerical mistake. In fact, while the player crossed the scale, he did not play in the games according to AJ.

Based on the clear clerical mistake, the RCC recommends that Coral Springs 11U team not forfeit their week 1 win and that Marcos be rostered to the Coral Springs 12U team. The RCC recommendation is based also on precedent on not issuing forfeits for clear clerical mistakes.